Hum is a 10min full CGI animated short film designed & directed by Soren Bendt in 2007. 

Hum won 1st prize at SICRAM Spain 2007, it was selected for Interfilm Berlin and for Hollywood Film Festival 2007. It was also awarded “Best CGI” at Stoke your Fires UK Film Festival 2008, and won 1st prize at DCDM 2008.  


A small robot with a turntable for a head finds itself in an abandoned workshop, but life is still to be found, invented, and shared. 


Direction and Animation: Soren Bendt Pedersen
Additional Animation: Jamie Holmes
Score: Rene Brokop
Foley and Mix: Henric Wallmark
Direction Supervisor: Ignacio Ferreras
Produced by The Animation Workshop
Special thanks to: Ingo Shacner, Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen, Søren Kurgan, Lawrence Marvit, Thomas Richard, Thomas Ahlmark, Svend Norby